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Large | 9 Years old | Male

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Entry Date: 07/11/2017

[17-0745] , Neutered , Orange and White , Owner turn in , Found: Stuart Street , GWD , HB , DSH


Meet Georgie! This handsome guy is looking to settle down into a quieter home, can you help him out? Georgie may be 9, but you can't tell just looking at him. Adorable and friendly, he loves to play with feather wands and other interactive toys when he's not snuggling with his people. Originally adopted from the shelter 6 years ago, Georgie wasn't too enthused when two tiny humans joined the family, and he really struggled to adjust to the new arrivals. Georgie is a great kitty who enjoys going outside and hunting mice, we think he would be a wonderful addition to any household in need of mouse-hunting family member. His ideal home would be one filled with lots of snuggles, outside time, and toys! Humans 10 and up are suggested, as he seems to do better with people who are a bit more calm. Georgie is an absolutely wonderful kitty, and we would love to see him find a new family to call his own. 

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