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Small | 7 Years old | Female

More About Ellie

Entry Date: 05/30/2017

[17-0581] , Spayed , Tri-color , Owner turn in , Found: 100 South Warren , HB


Meet the wonderful, the stupendous, the one-of-a-kind Ellie! This wonder dog is looking for a fresh start in a forever home. We have learned a lot about Ellie in the brief time she’s been with us. For instance, if snuggling was an Olympic sport, Ellie would take the gold medal. Despite everything Ellie has been through, she is obsessed with people, and lives to please. Snuggles, tail wags (her short little tail is the CUTEST when it wags) and love are abundant when Ellie is present. It’s hard to tell she’s 7 years old when you see her running and playing like a puppy. She loves to go for walks, and is always eager to run around the yard playing fetch. Ellie’s ideal home is one where she can be the center of attention, she prefers to be the only pet in your life. Ellie would also like a home where she can go for walks, and enjoy other activities with her humans. She is currently in foster care, so please stop in or call 406.442.1660 to inquire about Ellie! 

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