Rhodey- Carroll College
Hound Mix
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Large | 7 Years old | Male

More About Rhodey- Carroll College

Entry Date: 02/10/2018

[17-0677] , Neutered , Red , Other , GWK , GWD


Rhodey is a 7-year-old hound dog mix from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. Although he is 7-years-old, Rhodey doesn’t let his age keep him from learning new tricks and stealing your heart! Howling, his tail and ears, lead us to believe Rhodey is a hound mix, and he certainly knows how to follow his nose. If you’d let him, Rhodey would gladly sleep on the couch all day, however he has taken to a nice plush bed as well, and is doing great at crate training. He is definitely a food motivated dog, enjoying hot dogs, string cheese and turkey meat as his highest valued training treats! Recently, we have found him to like dog toys with tennis balls in them- perfect for chewing up. Rhodey is excellent with children, as young as a year old and up, very patient and tolerant. He enjoys snuggling with you, getting pet, or just warming your toes. For a hound, he doesn’t howl often, only for strangers here and there walking by the house at night. He is eager to greet all people, however doesn’t like to greet or play with other dogs. Large male dogs and cats are not his favorite, so he would truly thrive in home with a fenced yard for him and his kiddos. He walks well on leash, with a stroller, he heels and listens to positioning cues. He bathes well and is great for nail trims! Rhodey is the ideal family dog, who is house trained, doesn’t get into the garbage, doesn’t take food out of people’s hands, is an appropriate chewer and loves all people. This been there-done-that dog would be a great partner for all kinds of activities, from hiking, going for walks and car trips, to snuggling up for a movie night! I am working with Rhodey on basic handling and service tasks, some scent work and PTSD tasks such as room searches, and turning on lights. Rhodey would also make a great companion dog. You can follow Rhodey on Facebook, by following the link here- https://www.facebook.com/Rhodey-Carroll-College-Anthrozoolog 

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