Paisley-Carroll College
Lab Mix
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Large | 1 Years old | Female

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Entry Date: 02/10/2018

[17-0943] , Spayed , Black , Owner turn in , GWD , GWC


Our names are Brittany Smith and Ashley Davis and we are Paisley’s student handlers this year and our contact information is below! Paisley is a 2-year-old lab mix from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. She is an active and incredibly smart girl who likes nothing more than to stretch her legs at the park or a large backyard. She would love a home with humans that could give her all of the attention that she deserves. Paisley would suit an active person who wants an outgoing and friendly companion - if you can lob a tennis ball, you will have a friend for life! Some of her favorite things are playing fetch, tug-of-war, long walks and exploring. After she is all tired out from those activities, she would love to cuddle up with you and take a nap on top of you or some cozy blankets. She is great with new people or dogs; loving every one of them she meets. We are unsure how she does with small kids and cats yet, but Paisley does great with other dogs and would love to live with a furry roommate to help keep her company! Living with Paisley this year, we have learned about her many great qualities but also some other behaviors she struggles with. As we mentioned above, we are unsure how Paisley does with younger kids (about age 3-5). If she sees a certain sized younger child in public, she will possibly bark and growl but will not lunge at them. We are working on muzzle training with her so we will soon be able to introduce her to younger kids and hopefully get her to be more gentle and polite with them! Paisley is also a very social dog, this is a great quality but also has its disadvantages. She gets very excited when people enter the house or seeing new people in public causing her to bark and jump around. We are working on her being more calm when approaching people and also when people approach her. Besides these behaviors, Paisley is a very sweet dog who would love someone who could give her all of the attention, walks and cuddles she deserves. We are currently training on the basic obedience for Paisley, but towards the end of the semester and onto Spring semester we would love to figure out through trial and error what area and training Paisley would excel in! This could possibly be through scent, therapy, etc. You can also follow her training and foster journey through her Facebook page: Contact information: Brittany Smith Ashley Davis 

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