Brandy- Carroll College
Boxer X
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Medium | 3 Years old | Female

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Entry Date: 02/10/2018

[17-0976] , Spayed , Brown w/ Black , Owner turn in


My name is Ellery Bresler and I am Brandy’s handler for the year. You can contact me at Brandy is a 5-year-old boxer mix who came from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. Brandy is a loving medium to large size dog. She absolutely loves meeting and playing with new people. Brandy does not have a tail so when she gets excited her entire body will wiggle. One of Brandy’s biggest issues is staring at other dogs. We have been working really hard on keeping her attention off of the dogs and onto the handlers. She has improved tremendously on keeping her attention on her handler instead of the other dogs. Brandy also has a distaste towards little dogs. We are working on this by desensitizing her to the small dogs. Brandy’s absolute favorite thing to do is cuddle with people and eat cheese. She loves to be outside just looking at the world around her. Because of her love for people and high food drive I would like Brandy to go into therapy work. She has a very calming nature and has no fear of people. This kind of work will be good for her because she is so calm. Since Brandy is calm in nature she needs to go to a medium to low energy household. She still likes to play, but not all the time. She also is very specific about the dogs she likes so the best fit for her would be a house with no other dogs or possibly with one other large dog if they get along. If you have questions regarding Brandy, please feel free to contact me via email or chat with us on Facebook. Her Facebook page is 

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