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Large | 1 Years old | Male

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Entry Date: 02/10/2018

[18-Copper] , Neutered , Black , Courtesy Listing


My name is Xavier Johnson, Copper’s student handler for the 2017-2018 school year. I can be contacted on Facebook at Copper is a 1 year old black lab mix and comes from the Humane Society of Beaverhead County in Dillon, Montana. He is always by my side when I am at home and doesn’t let me out of his sight. He is potty trained and we haven’t had any accidents in the home. He does require supervision and shouldn’t be left in the home alone for extended periods of time or else his nose gets the better of him and he gets himself into trouble. He’s a little cautious around strangers but once you give him some nice butt scratches he’ll consider you one of his best friends. Copper is very friendly with other dogs and loves to chase and be chased by them as well. Copper is an energetic little boy who enjoys lots of attention, affection, and requires at least an hour of physical activity a day to burn off some of his excess energy. After exercising all he wants to do is cuddle up and take a nice long nap. Copper isn’t interested in fetch, but he loves all his different tug toys, especially the ones that squeak. Since he is only a year old and already 70 pounds he should be more than a match in a game of tug for most people as he gets older. He doesn’t guard his toys and always shares with other dogs and people. Food aggression isn’t an issue with him and can be handled while he is eating as well. Copper is very intelligent and has shown the ability to learn new tricks essentially overnight. With reinforcers such as hotdogs or one of his tug toys he can be motivated to do just about anything. I hope to train Copper to do scent work later this year since he does have quite a bit of energy and is highly motivated. 

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